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meet-brenda-pic-1Brenda Lopez proud Gwinnettian for over ten years, living and working in District 99  as a resident and business owner in the district, she is fully invested in the economic development of the communities in her district and understands firsthand the challenges faced by residents and business owners daily.  Brenda Lopez is committed to using her legal background and expertise in community development to zealously advocate for her constituents in the State General Assembly.

 “As State Representative, I want to showcase the hard working residents of District 99 who are pursuing the American Dream, providing a better quality of life for their children and contributing to the community they live in," states Brenda Lopez.

Seeing the opportunities for improvement in the district motivates Brenda Lopez to utilize a seat in the State House to build bridges between state, county and local government.  While in office, Brenda Lopez will work to demonstrate collaborative leadership:  supporting and coordinating with local government, faith based groups, education leaders, student led organizations, and business leaders in the small business sector. 

Brenda Lopez’s platform includes supporting sustainable economic development for the district, improving access to education, and addressing the transportation needs in the community.

The time has come to have a State Representative dedicated to SERVANT LEADERSHIP, who focuses her energy and leadership skills for the betterment of the entire community.

“District 99, our community - needs a new perspective with modern solutions to modern problems, that’s why I’m running for office”.


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Key Positions

As State Representative for District 99, I want to advocate for our communities,

establishing our district as a model of collaborative and servent leadership in the state by:


·        Working with our state, county and local governments to facilitate improvements in our district.

·        Rebuilding trust with our police departments and county government.

·        Pushing for improvements in economic and community development .

·        Advocating for worker's rights, civil rights, racial justice and equality under the law.

·        Advancing the voice of diverse communities.

·        Promoting civic and voter engagement

·        Championing access to educational opportunities for all.

·        Public transit to improve transportation in our community.




MAY 2016

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Bridging Our Neighborhoods to Our Government


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